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Company GRAW has been for many years successfully offering and selling wide range of products and services for printing and packaging sector on the Polish market. Our possibilities are described in the particular menu-links presented on our site.

Apart from the activity in Poland which is the main stream of our business, we have also gained some export contacts, mainly in Central Asia as so far. Of course we do not limit ourselves to this region only and we are widely open for inquiries received from other directions as well.

To our basic export items belong for example:

materials and accessories for die-forms
– various knives – of cutting, perforating, creasing and zipper types,
– various amortization rubber and cork profiles,
– leather hammers,

cliché mounting materials
– plastic mounting edges,
– rubber tension belts,

and many other items.

Due to the legal agreements with the European partners and suppliers of our products sold by us on the Polish market, our offers for export customers outside Poland are subject of additional confirmation.

Nevertheless we are widely open for any inquiries from foreign partnersWe assure that each inquiry
will be warmly-received and carefully-checked, then replied depending on our possibilities in each case.


Contact in export matters:
T: + 48 42 718 40 18
F: + 48 42 718 21 21
E: graw@graw.pl